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The Finnish education is world-wide known from the results and the specific features. Finnoschool ltd is a training company whose main customers are Finnish municipalities and schools. Finnish National Board of Education has been funding several regional and national trainings for Finnish principals and teachers organized by Finnoschool. Currently Finnoschool is running national development training which is aiming to develop the 21 st century elementary school and grasp the futures learning environment.

The main themes for training:


ICT-pedagogical skills and virtual learning environments as corner stones of the 21st century learning.

  • Media skills and media pedagogy for elementary and secondary school teachers. (media education)


  • How to develop the future learning environment as continuous developing process at school or among the school
  • Security thinking ensure the safe learning
  • Developing creative learning environment – enriching the learning environment together in school community; mixture of traditions and new technologies and innovations among


  • Guidance for effective curriculum-process from regional level into single
  • Team leadership as basic structure of empowering

Services of Finnoschool are aimed as well for educational administrative personnel as well principals and teachers working in the elementary or secondary schools. The benefits of the training is easily measured as providing ready to use tools for education work. Finnoschool will always plan the training with respectful attitude together with counter partner. The main focus is building a training which combine the local educational and cultural tradition with Finnish education and way of working.

Finnoschool has willingness to work in the different cultures. We have previous working experience from Bosnia-Hertzegovina, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Trainings are held in English so use of interpreters is necessity.

Change of learning path with Pedagogy Design